10 through 19 March


5.00 star(s)
Jim Abbott 1992 Topps, 1992 Topps All-Star-set hits
c/o home

Luke Montz 2009 Topps-set hit
c/o Red Sox Spring Training

Koji Uehara 2009 Topps-set hit, 2014 Topps
c/o Red Sox Sping Training

John Olerud 2000 Topps-set hit, 1990 UD-for trade
c/o home

Felipe Alou Blank Index Card-for trade and the penny sleeve on the 2006 Topps (sending again)
c/o Giants Spring Training

Mike Sweeney 1997 Topps-Royals Project hit
c/o Royals Spring Training

Reid Brignac 2009 Topps-set hit
c/o Marlins Spring Training

Logan Morrison 2011 Topps-for trade
c/o Mariners Spring Training

Brad Ziegler 2009 Topps-set hit
c/o Diamondbacks Spring Training

John Gibbons 2006 Topps-set hit
c/o Blue Jays Spring Training


5.00 star(s)
Awesome successes, some great KC Royals in there.....Mike Sweeney has always been my favorite, awesome guy! We are going to KC for a family vacation this summer, hopefully we can catch a Royals game!

God Bless,

Kevin Mc