100th trade completed

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Apr 29, 2008
Not sure if this is the correct forum, but at least it can start here....

I know the avatar still says 99..but I just recieved a package today that completes my 100th trade here on The Bench. I wanted to thank everyone that I have traded with and all the others that I have talked with and consulted with, my collection wouldn't be nearly as complete without all of your help.

And of course, todays trade brought me 38 new cards for my Kirby Puckett collection (special thanks to RHauch for not only the trade but the bonus Pucketts he added to the envelope).

Thanks again and if I haven't traded with you yet..what's wrong with you???
Congrats on making the milestone and before you know it you'll be in the HALL of Fame.
Also check out my want list on my home page,and other pages too,I also have a vintage
page you mite want to look at.LMK

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Thank you everyone! I guess I should also be happy that the trader rating has stayed at 5.0 the entire time!!!

And I would have never guessed it would be easier to get the 100 trades than the 1000 posts!!! Seems like I am always commenting on one of the threads, but my post number seems to be stuck in neutral or going backwards!! Hopefully I will be able to run my mouth a little bit and get to the 1000 posts and the HOF pretty quickly!!