11/21: Funniest TTM Story I Have To Tell

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Jul 27, 2009
Wichita Falls, TX
Ok. What happened today was pretty funny. But it didn't start out funny. When I went to the mailbox, there were no successes. I haven't had any successes since Monday...so I was a little dejected because I have seen successes rom almost all of the guys I have sent to in was shorter time than some of mine have been out. Directly after I checked the mailbox, I went back in the house and made a crack to my mom that Herb (this older gentlemen who is a WWII vet and mildy crotchety most of the time that has lived across the street from me ever since before I was born and goes to my church) was probably getting all of my successes. Well about an hour later I was outside and Herb's wife, Estelle was outside raking leaves and she came up to me and told me that the mailman had delivered a letter to them that was addresses to me. So I went over to their mailbox and sure enough, they had gotten my success.

Duke Snider 1/1 c/o Home in 67 days


Thought this one was a goner so im thrilled to get it back. Love to have nice neighbors but I wonder how many more of my successes they have...Lol. Jk.

Thanks for looking!