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Bench Warmer
May 14, 2009
2 for 2 from Hammy! (Josh Hamilton for the non Hamilton fans) If I knew how to post pictures I would. GREAT autos!

Thank You Josh!!!
Hope that means he is getting to his mail now that the season is over. Would be nice if I could report a return from him soon as well....
Good deal, now to hope my 2 different 08 Topps find their way back home.
As far as posting pictures, go create a photobucket account, load your pictures onto photobucket and from there copy the
Same boat as the others waiting for Hamilton. I know he doesn't look at his mail until the season is over, so I sent about 10 before the season ended.

Looks like a handful of returns from spring training have trickled in on SCN as well this week.
Congratz! I too am crossing my fingers for a hamilton...hopefully today =)