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2 for 2 from Hammy! (Josh Hamilton for the non Hamilton fans) If I knew how to post pictures I would. GREAT autos!

Thank You Josh!!!


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Hope that means he is getting to his mail now that the season is over. Would be nice if I could report a return from him soon as well....


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Good deal, now to hope my 2 different 08 Topps find their way back home.
As far as posting pictures, go create a photobucket account, load your pictures onto photobucket and from there copy the code for the picture you want to post here and then just post that link and you got it


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Same boat as the others waiting for Hamilton. I know he doesn't look at his mail until the season is over, so I sent about 10 before the season ended.

Looks like a handful of returns from spring training have trickled in on SCN as well this week.