12- 16 MAY slow week


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Ramiro Pena 2009 Topps Heritage-for trade
c/o El Paso Chihuahuas

Stephen Vogt 2014 Topps US-set hit
c/o Oakland

Brian Cashman 2006 Topps-set hit (signed back of card)
c/o Yankees

Randy Wolf 2006 Topps-set hit
c/o Buffalo Bisons

Starting the 2014 Topps US set, will be tough/expensive with all the great rookies and all-stars!


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Congrats Levi, and best of luck on the 2014 Topps set, you will have some more fun successes rolling in all summer!

Hope all is well in the new home, are you getting a lot of TTM forwarding from your past place of residence?

God Bless,

Kevin Mc