12/24 - Santa didn't fill the stocking, but the mailbox!

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4.90 star(s)
No, I'm not kidding here. The only bad news is that none of my textbooks for next semester are here yet, but I'm expecting most of them next week anyways.

Ricky Jordan
7 days

Mr. T's Comment: Jordan was a good pinch hitter in his short career, but that doesn't mean he has been forgotten. He was the 83 1st round pick for the Phillies, so that is cool too. Too bad he didn't do too well, but that draft wasn't good for anybody (except for the #19 Boston had :rolleyes:)

Jack McKeon
7 days

Mr. T's Comment: I guess Jack is nimble, and for sure he is quick! One of my cards (06 Topps) bubbled to the point I should just throw it away. Luckily my 89 Topps worked out, so I'm not SOL on him. If anybody wants the 06 Topps just say so, I won't charge anything except a SASE, but its just horrible beyond words.

Jeff Montgomery
7 days

Mr. T's Comment: The former Royal and still a holder of the KC zip code, made a big save to my collection just like he did in KC. This guy was a monster in the 90s, I just think that a few other players overshadowed his ability.

Lance Parrish
7 days

Mr. T's Comment: Another 84 WS Tigers player in for me (as a little unintentional project I've been doing)! Here's your fun fact for today: Lance was the first manager of Mr. T's local area Great Lakes Loons about 5 years ago. I expect this guy to get another coaching job, but in the meantime this was a great player back in the day for Detroit.

A couple of each of these will be available, except the McKeon which I already discussed.