12/31 - locking up 2010 w/ the KEY + some


4.90 star(s)
Well, 2010 is closing in about 1.5 hours here, so one last success post...

Dustin Hermanson
3/4 - kept one
14 days

Mr. T's Comment: Dustin never really had a stable job, except for his pretty bad one in the late 90s with Montreal. Do not fear, he was a solid middle rotation started, and signs w/ basically a few big loops.

Jimmy Key
1/2 - kept one
14 days

Mr. T's Comment: Time to lock the door, and throw away the KEY (but not this one!). Jimmy was another solid SP, but had found a good home in Toronto before moving on to New York and Baltimore. Look up his '87 and '93 numbers, you may be surprised if you don't remember him!