13-17 April TTM


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Orlando Palmeirt 2004 Topps(2), 2006 UD-for trade
c/o home

Turk Wendell 1994 Score, 1995 Topps-for trade
c/o home

Ryan Dempster 2010 Topps-for trade
c/o MLB Network

Tommy Milone 2014 Topps-for trade
c/o Twins St

John Hart 1009 Topps-for trade, 2006 Topps Rangers Team card-set hit
c/o Braves

Mark Shapiro 2006 Topps Indians Team card-set hitc/o Indians

Kevin Couch 2012 Bowman Chrome Prospect, 2012 Bowman Purple Parallel-for trade
c/o Pawtucket Red Sox

Jose Lind 1994, 1995 Topps-Royals Project hits
c/o home


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Great stuff as always Levi, I like how you post your weekly successes, you have some busy days at the mailbox!

God bless you friend,

Kevin Mc


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Very nice, it's always good to get set hits.
If you don't mind, can you please share the Chico Lind address, I don't see it on SCN and I need him for 1995 leaf.


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By the way, Jose Lind is a PR address is it not? Did you use:
18 Brisas Del Plata Dorado PR 00646 ? How long did it take to get it back?