15 card 2017 A&G Mini Lot for trade for '80's base cards


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Hi Everybody,

I opened a few packs of 2017 A and G. I have a few of the main set mini’s for trade. There is 6 regular back mini’s. 5 A&G back mini’s and 4 Black Border Mini’s, no huge rookies or stars. I will of course get you a full list.

I am looking for some set needs from the 80’s to knock out. Right now I am looking for ‘87 Topps, ‘88 Score, ‘89 Score, all three are a little over half done.

If you have a bunch of extras of the sets that I am looking for and would like a bunch of 2017 A&G mini’s please let me know and let’s get a deal done.



Polar Bear 67

5.00 star(s)
I have a complete set of 87/88 Topps or thousands upon thousands of commons or stars avaible for any 17 Red Sox u want to trade me.
Polar Bear 67