15 Card Trade Lot Mike Pizza

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Polar Bear 67

5.00 star(s)
93 Donruss D-Kings DK-15
01 Topps Note Worthy TN-13
99 YD Encore #56
96 UD Silver Crash the game CE-15
00 Fleer Fame Game #115
00 Fleer Double Play M Pizza Front/I Rod Reverse 10/10 DP WT
03 Topps Gold Label The Treasury T-9
99 UD Ionx #31 #H5
01 UD Victory Big Play Makers ##607
95 Fleer Duel M Pizza Front/I-Rod Reverse All Star Game 1/25
NDG Fleer Gamers #33
99 Topps Perenial All Stars PA-5
NDG Fleer Famers Determined 4/15
03 Fleer Mini Box Score 7/30
96 Topps Star Power #2
All Mike Pizza
Polar Bear 67