15 years, 69 days later....

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Apr 19, 2008
Abingdon VA
wow...I went over to my parents house for my dads birthday this past weekend. I moved out in 1988 when I went in to the Navy...soon after they made my room a den of sorts, now it's my dads computer room.

Anyway...all my stuff from back in the day is in storage in bags and boxes. Every time I go home I try to grab something and bring it back and go through it and throw out what I don't want...which is usually most of whatever is in the box/bag. This time I found some unopened mail that had been sent to me from Signature Rookies back on June 29th, 1994. I guess I had a redemption or something for this or maybe they just sent it to me? I have no memory of this. I had 3 envelopes, 2 of them had flyers for the 1995 products and fan club flyers in them and the last one had these 3 cards wrapped up inside a folded flyer from the 1994 SR Baseball set.

Nothing great, but just odd to get unopened mail from 15+ years ago.

Haha, indeed a success over 15 years later! How cool. And that's neat that your parents left it all intact.

they never open my mail, would have been nice if they would have given them to me though lol...they just got put in a drawer and the contents of the drawer at some point got moved to storage.

The only reason I got mail there after I left is that I knew they were not changing addresses anytime soon and I was moving around a lot at the time...so any sort of redemption or something that might take a while to get back I used their address so I would actually get it...ironic.
Very cool, I wish my mom would leave my stuff alone like that haha. I picked up a ton of stuff when I was back in Texas this past weekend. I forgot my computer charger there though so I am waiting to get it back so I can get everything scanned. :D
That is very cool! Thanks for sharing. It's always nice finding something like that.