19 AUTOS! 5 Relics 2 Boxes 2021 Elite (One Box FOTL) & 1 Box Chronicles No Shutout!

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Oct 8, 2007
Ramona, CA
Hi breaking tonight at 1830 PDT Please Join me on Youtube by clicking on the watch on YouTube link to comment!
Note gave Molitor the Rangers and mgm37 the Athletics in case a McGwire shows up. McGwire didn't but the Athletics did well!
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2021 Elite Extra Edition Signatures Blue #117 Alex Ulloa 5/20 N/A
2021 Elite Extra Edition Signatures Blue #11 Brady House 8/20 N/A
2021 Elite Extra Edition All-Time First Round Materials Orange #10 Mike Mussina 54/99 N/A
2021 Panini Luminance Autographs Blue #1 Yermin Mercedes 34/50 $15
2021 Elite Extra Edition Signatures Aspirations Die Cut #64 Lonnie White 11/80
2021 Elite Extra Edition Red #85 Mason Black 5/5 N/A
2021 Panini Obsidian Electric Etch Yellow #13 Alex Kirilloff 8/10 Missed the number on back
2021 Panini Chronicles Purple #50 Keibert Ruiz 18/25 $8
2021 Absolute Prospects Green #2 Adley Rutschman $8
2021 Panini Crusade Green #21 Luis Robert 16/75

19 Autos 5 Relics.
Breaking 1 Hobby Box of 2021 Elite Extra Ed, 1 DEEE FOTL and one Chronicle Hobby boxes. 19 Autos all together!

Offering top prospects across several fronts, 2021 Panini Elite Extra Edition Baseball looks at the budding talent in the hobby.
Each EEE Hobby box has eight autographs and two relics. The product features recent MLB Draft picks, other key prospects and exclusive Dominican Prospect League (DPL) players.

Supplying a wide assortment of brands and styles, 2021 Panini Chronicles Baseball is Panini's official catch-all product featuring MLBPA stars.
Hobby boxes average three autographs and one relic. The diverse release offers multiple card technologies, as well, such as Optichrome and Holographic stock.

1 Hobby Box of 2021 Elite Extra Edition FOTL 5 Packs of 5 Cards each. Expecting 8 Autos and 2 Memorabilia cards Box *25 cards $140
1 Hobby Box of 2021 Elite Extra Edition 5 Packs of 5 Cards each. Expecting 8 Autos and 2 Memorabilia cards Box *25 cards $100
1 Hobby Box of 2021 Chronicles...each box has 3 autos and 1 Memorable card per box. Each box has 6 packs with 8 cards. total 48 cards 1 @ 110 = 110
Shipping was $10
Total $360 divided by 15 = $24

Dominican Republic Cards and Autos Vote:

2) Random.com and randomize the 15 spots and rolling a die to see how many times to randomize, first card goes to spot 1 and excetera.

$24 x 15 spots = $360. I bought Chronicles when it first came out at $122 a box. So taking a small loss, just want to break something, without having any more cards to pile up. ;)
Shipping would be $4 for the first spot, but free for any additional spots. ie First spot is $24 plus $4 shipping and second spot would be $22.

The usual stuff, pick your team in the order you sign up. After the first 15 spots are filled, I will send out an invoice. Then starting with spot 15, teams will be picked in reverse order.
No shutout... Every player guaranteed auto.

Thanks Bob

1 Red Sox Rangers Molitor04x Paid 3 Auyos 2 Relics 1 1/10
3 Orioles Mets Molitor04x Paid
11 Nationals Twins Molitor04x Paid

2 Cardinals Athletics mgm37 Paid 2 Autos

4 Diamondbacks Giants Grappler Paid 1 5/5 1 Auto 1 Auto/Relic 1 Relic
5 Pirates Phillies Grappler Paid

6. Reds Braves franklinguy52 Paid 3 Autos 1 Relic
7. Tigers. Astros franklinguy52 Paid

8. Padres. Blue Jays AndyDrummond. Paid 3 Autos
9. Marlins. Yankees AndyDrummond. Paid

10. Dodgers. White Sox Gwynn_fan 2 Autos

12 Angels. Mariners Darkman Paid 3 Autos

13 Cubs Rays bdink25 Paid 1 Auto 2 Relics
14 Brewers Royals bdink25 Paid
15 Indians Rockies bdink25 Paid

Athletics Rangers
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2021 Elite Extra Edition​

Base Signatures Set Checklist​

151 cards.
PARALLEL CARDS: New Decade Die-Cut, Blue #/20 or #/15, Red #/5, Black 1/1, Black Die-Cut 1/1, Printing Plates 1/1.
ASPIRATIONS PARALLELS: Die-Cut #/99 or less, Gold Die-Cut #/24.
STATUS PARALLELS: Die-Cut #/80 or less, Gold Die-Cut #/10.
PRIME NUMBERS PARALLELS: A #/240 or less, B #/81 or less, C #/9 or less.
*Sam Bachman not in base; Ethan Wilson, Wes Kath only in Blue/Red.*
All players not in parallels. See spreadsheet at the bottom.

1 Henry Davis - Pittsburgh Pirates
3 Jackson Jobe - Detroit Tigers
4 Marcelo Mayer - Boston Red Sox
5 Colton Cowser - Baltimore Orioles
6 Jordan Lawlar - Arizona Diamondbacks
8 Benny Montgomery - Colorado Rockies
9 Sam Bachman - Los Angeles Angels *
11 Brady House - Washington Nationals
13 Andrew Painter - Philadelphia Phillies
14 Will Bednar - San Francisco Giants
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Jabs Family broke a box of 2021 Chronicles Baseball on his Face-Off Friday...pulled an auto better than the J. D. Martinez! What might we pull?
Waiting on Mark...then I can schedule a break time.

Are you getting tired of Elite? Got 2 more boxes and 1 box of Contenders or 8 boxes of 2021 Toppa Chrome Blasters plus 2 blasters of 2021 Archives?. Either will be about the same cost. $25 for first spot and $23 for each additional spot. Free shipping.
LMK which youd like next?
Have order a jumbo of 2022 Topps, but Jerry not sure how many Jumno he's getting and I'm third in line.
And, if interested, I have a box of 2021 Leaf metal draft Jumbo 10 autos at $18 a spot randomized 5 times. Because the 10th is a 1/1 .
If interested in any of these lmk. BOB