1959 Topps Set Help


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Good day fellow collectors, I am very close to finishing my 1959 Topps set and I am needing some help. I have a few stars I need to get including the Gibson Rookie, but those are for a different day. I am needing some help with some of the other cards. I am 20 away from being done. Does anyone have any of these 7 cards for trade?
#520 - Don Elston
#521 - Gary Geiger
#528 - Pirates Team Card
#536 - Dan Kravitz
#568 - Gus Trinados All Star
#569 - Bob Friend All Star
#572 - Billy Pierce All Star

Condition isn't important, but really don't want a beater.

These are the other cards I need, but will pick up over time, unless there is a fantastic deal. LOL.
The other 13 cards are star cards which are:
#180 - Yogi Berra
#202 - Roger Maris
#380 - Hank Aaron
#478 - Clemente - possibly getting this month
#510 - Yankees Team Card
#514 - Gibson RC
#515 Harmon Killebrew
#543 - Corsair Outfield Trio
#550 - Roy Campanella
#559 - Ernie Banks All Star
#561 - Hank Aaron All Star
#562 - Al Kaline All Star
#564 - Mantle All Star


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I have a Berra, Maris, and Triandos AS for trade/sale (and a Gibson rookie in my Bench Gallery)....PM me your email address and can send scans. -- Jim