1959 Topps Wants and For Trade/Sale

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Dec 24, 2020
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Hamilton, On. Canada
Another post about my wants. Below are list of my 1959 Topps wants and for trade/sale:

1959 Wants g = gray backs, w = white back, if no letter then there is no variation
272g,360,362 no option,380,457 (#482 is Houtteman),461,464,498,509,510,514,515,528,530,562,563,564,571 + Favorite Rookie Insert;
upgrades (no creases, but minor corner wear OK)

Extras to trade: 6,17,18,27,43,63,64,65,90,92,108,127,132,137,152,161,182,215w,222w,224w,225w,227w,231w,244w,244w,258w,259g,269w,272w,273w,275g,277w,g,285w,288,299,308,312,314,318,341,345,356,359,372,389,406,418,422,432,438,440,449,460,472,480,483,485,

Special cards
39 Fox fr belly crease
67 Richardson vgx corner wear o/c 90/10 with a 1" corner crease with 2 other 2" creases
90 Skowron vg o/c no crease
111 ex corner wear with a 1" corner crease
150 Musial ex corner wear with 2 very short rips
172 Athletics Team fr/pr with 2 belly creases
155 Slaughter ex/mt front with some reddish 'speckles' ob
300 Ashburn ex front with 2 strips of paper stuck to the back
349 Wilhelm ex corner wear with a 1" corner crease and some discoloring on front
387 Drysdale vgx corners with some staining on the front
390 Cepeda vg corner wear with a ink check mark on front by name and a few wrinkles and 1 crease
408 Fox/Aparicio ex+ corner wear with a VERY light belly crease
408 Fox/Aparicio ex+ corner wear with a 2" edge crease
419 Braves Team vgx+ corners, marked, white is slightly dark
450 Mathews bad corner wear with no creases and an edge ding
467 Aaron Thrill vg with no crease. Very crisp card

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