1960 topps...

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I'm collecting the '60 Topps set and looking to trade for cards I have signed and unsigned, below are my trade cards, lmk what you have.....
1960 TOPPS
#6L.Berberet 12M.Pappas 13W.Post 15P.Runnels 39E.Averillauto 44B.Lockeauto 46J.Fisher 54M.Fornieles 56S.Korcheckauto 60G.Triandos 61E.Kaskoauto 62R.Craigauto 65E.Howard 68D.Hillmanauto 71M.Keoughauto 75V.Power 76B.Fischerauto 92W.Herzog 100N.Fox 103D.Farrell 110C.McLish 123D.Dobbekauto 163H.Lopezauto 168A.Grammasauto 117T.Borlandauto 177J.Kucksauto 186D.Sisler 201L.Osborne 239J.Shipleyauto 243B.Phillipspoor 245E.Yost 258D.Groatautocreased 263D.Johnsonpoor 266J.Jay 269G.Green 273N.Chisley 286R.Semprochauto 287 289W.Jones(poor) 303B.O’Dellauto(poor) 324J.PerryRCauto(poor) 330H.Kuen 343S.Kofax(poor) 345D.Newcombe 358J.DeMaestriauto 375D.Long 382T.Bowsfield+auto 396S.Bilko 397D.Blasingame 419G.Crowevg 467 530M.McCormick