1960's Mets 1 and done needs


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Hi all,

I need a little help completing a few 1960's 1 and done Mets sets
Here are my needs

1962 Topps (Mets) (Want List): Updated 1/1/13, Thanks to Tim Morales, OCT, Steve Hitzeman and Lynn Miller, OBC and Chuck Bosshardt, Trading Bases, OCT, VCT and The Dugout, Steve Archibald, VCT. And Mark Talbot, OBC and VCT, Bob Bard 2x, VCT, Matt Schultz and Pat Looney, Trading Bases. I need
572 Bob Miller

1962 Topps Mets Upgrades Needed (Want List):,(EX+ OR BETTER, no creases, ink spots, gum stains, good centering and no dinged corners) Updated 5/12/13, Thanks to Pat Looney, Trading Bases. I need
29 Casey Stengel

1963 Fleer Upgrade Mets needed (Nrmt-MT):
49 Rod Kanehl

1963 Topps Mets (Want List): Updated 9/2/12, Thanks to Chuck Bosshardt 2x Trading Bases, OCT/VCT and the Dugout, Thanks to Tim Morales, OCT and Len Medeiros, OCT/The Dugout, Mark Talbot, OBC and VCT and Jim Jakubonis, Trading Bases, Richard Dingman, OBC/OCT and VCT and Steve Soklow. I need
473 Mets Team

1964 Topps Upgrades Mets (Want List): Updated 5/12/13, Thanks to Pat Looney, Trading Bases. I need
235 Ron Hunt

1964 Topps Coins Mets (Want List): Updated 3/19/11, Thanks to Bob Reed, OBC. I need:
43 Jesse Gonder

1969 Citgo Mets (Want List): Updated 2/27/14, Thanks to Sal Domino, OBC. I need<p>
Tom Seaver

1969 Topps Decals (Want List): Updated 6/16/14. I need
22 Jerry Koosman

Thank You for looking'
Happy Holidays,