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1966 Topps Baseball Lot FS Mixed Grade


5.00 star(s)

The following 1966 Topps Baseball are FS:
172--Mets Team--FR
231--Floyd Weaver--GD, waviness (water damage?)
245--John Buzhardt--EXMT, but also a little wavy, no staining
262--Jack Hamilton--nrmt corners, but way OC side to side
266--Pedro Gonzalez--nrmt corners, oc both ways, more top to bottom
271--Hal Lanier--EX+ wavy and has gum stain
294--Steve Ridzik--NRMT corners has gum stain
381--Hank Fischer--EX+
394--Ron Brand--EXMT w/gum stain
395--Len Gabrielson--EXMT w/gum stain
396--Jerry Stephenson--EXMT
399--Ray Washburn--VG, lt crease in upper left
407--John Kennedy--GD, crease at bottom and gum stain
412--Sam Bowens--EX
414--Dan Coombs--EXMT w/gum stain
418--Phil Gagliano--EX, but OC top to bottom, slightly askew
421--Ray McMillen--EXMT, slight wave
431--Walt Bond--NRMT, slight wave
432--Bob Heffner--VG, lt crease and slightly OC side to side
439--Pedro Ramos--EXMT
440--Deron Johnson--EXMT, slight wave
473--Rich Rollins--EX+ slightly OC side to side
483--Joe Nuxhall--VG, lt crease and way OC top to bottom
495--Dick McAuliffe--EXMT

If I needed the ones with the gum stains, I believe I could rub them off. The waves should decrease in a binder. I would consider selling 1-2 cards at a time with $1 PWE shipping.

Asking $22.50 shipped, PP only. (offers considered)

PLMK if you want to see a pic or 2. Thanks, Rich
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