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1968 Topps Stars & HOFers FS


5.00 star(s)
Didn't realize there was a vintage only forum, so posting this here as well.

I don't post here much these days but thought I would see if there were any vintage collectors looking for collector grade cards.

Test run with the lot of cards I was sent to buy and decided to help sell instead. More cards to follow hopefully soon.

These come from a long time collector who has decided it is time to start selling. These are what I consider to be collector grade cards, meaning they were not ideal for grading purposes and may have minor flaws. I am selling these AS-IS but have no reason to believe they are altered in any way. I will describe any flaws I see and then I rely on the buyer to make the decision as to the condition from viewing scans and asking questions, if necessary.

Shipping via padded mailer $4.00 for as many cards as you buy from the lot.

Aaron $30
Bird Belters $12
Carlton $7
Jenkins $4
Robinson $4
Williams $4
Yastrzemski $3 (crease across bottom right corner)
Mazeroski $2.50
Hunter $2.50
Wilhelm $2.50 (small crease near White Sox)
Perez $2
Schoendienst $2
Niekro $2 (Slight crease across center/face area)
Marichal $2 (crease across shoulder & back crease along lower 1/2" of bottom)
Morgan &1.50 (small creases along top & bottom + small ink letters on back in top left corner)
Sutton $1 (light crease top to bottom, through body)
Durocher $0.75 (pencil underline on back)
Aparicio $0.50 (crease across face)
Cepeda $0.50 (Filler)

Something has changed here and I can't figure out how to add photos to threads any more. here is a link to the same thread on a different site that has pictures. Hopefully this works for anyone interested in seeing the condition of the cards.