1970 thru 1976 Topps BB to trade

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5.00 star(s)
Oct 21, 2007
Lawrenceburg, TN
Trading only. I will accept any of my vintage needs in BB, FB, BKB and non sports in trade. Those set needs are here or can be linked from here:


I would also accept any 1971 Topps coins or 1975 Fleer Pioneers of BB, or any 1969 Topps or older in VG or better condition.

Here is what I have to trade:

1970 Topps- 2(G/VG) 13(VG) 16(VG+) 24(VG/Ex) 34(VG/Ex) 39(VG/Ex) 41(G/VG) 44(VG) 46(VG) 57(G/VG) 73(G+) 77(G/VG) 78(VG) 81(G) 84(G+) 85(G) 86(VG) 89(VG) 95(G) 99(VG+) 102(F) 105(G/VG) 113(G) 123(G) 125(VG/Ex)o/c 126(G/VG) 128(G/VG)marked 129(G) 132(G+) 153(VG) 163(G) 232(G) 237(VG) 244(VG)marked 249(G) 258(G) 266(VG+) 269(VG) 274(Ex) 277(VG+) 283(VG/Ex) 286(G)m/c 289(G) 290(G/VG)Carew 301(G+) 303(VG) 320(F) 325(VG/Ex) 328(G/VG) 332(VG/Ex) 338(VG) 341(VG) 347(G/VG) 357(G) 366(G+) 392(VG+) 404(VG/Ex) 411(G) 412(G) 423(G) 438(VG) 509(VG)

1971 Topps- (cards are Ex or better unless noted)- 2(VG) 5(G)Munson 6(F) 8(G) 9(VG/Ex) 10(VG) 11(VG) 12(VG) 15(F) 16(VG+) 17(G) 18(G) 19(G) 21(G) 22(VG) 23(G) 24(F) 25(G) 26(VG/Ex)Blyleven RC 28(G) 29(G) 33(G) 34(G/VG) 35(VG) 36(G) 37(VG/Ex) 38(G) 41(G) 42(G) 43(F) 44(VG/Ex) 46(G) 49(G) 53(VG) 53(G) 57(G) 59(G) 60(VG) 61(G) 62(F) 63(G) 64(Ex) 65(G) 67(VG+) 69(G) 71(VG) 73(VG) 74(F) 76(VG) 77(G) 79(VG+) 80(G) 81(VG/Ex) 82(VG/Ex) 83(G) 84(VG) 85(G) 86(G) 87(VG/Ex) 88(G) 89(G) 90(VG) 92(VG/Ex) 93(G) 94(G) 95(VG/Ex) 96(G) 97(VG/Ex) 98(F) 99(G) 100(G)Rose 101(G) 102(G/VG) 103(VG) 104 105(VG/Ex) 106(G) 107(VG) 108(VG/Ex) 109(F) 111(G/VG) 112(G) 113(G) 114(G) 115(VG) 116(VG/Ex) 118(VG) 119(VG+) 120(F) 121(G) 123(G) 125(VG) 126(G) 127(G) 131(G) 132(F) 134(G) 137(G) 138(VG) 139(VG) 141(F) 143(G) 145(G) 148(VG/Ex) 149(VG+) 151(VG+) 152(F) 153(G) 155(G) 156(VG/Ex) 157(G) 159(VG) 161(VG/Ex) 163(F) 164(G) 166 169(VG/Ex) 175(VG) 177(G) 178(VG+) 181(VG) 182(G) 185(F) 190(G) 191(G+) 192 194(VG) 199(G) 200(F) 201(G) 204(VG) 210(VG)Carew 221(VG+) 223(VG) 225(VG) 226(G) 232(VG+) 235(VG+) 236 238(G) 240(VG/Ex) 246(G) 252(G/VG) 254(VG/Ex) 258(VG) 263(VG) 270(G) 273(F) 279(F) 284(VG) 287(F) 289(F) 293 297(VG) 299(VG) 301(VG+) 302(G) 303(F) 304(VG/Ex) 309(G) 314(VG/Ex) 315(VG/Ex) 316(F) 317(VG+) 319(VG+) 321(G) 322(G) 323(VG) 333(VG) 334(VG) 338(F) 344 349(VG) 352(F) 353(VG/Ex) 354(G) 356(VG) 362(G+) 364(VG+) 366(VG/Ex) 367(VG) 371(G) 373(VG) 375(G/VG) 377(VG+) 383(VG) 388(F) 391(G/VG) 413(G) 429(G) 430(F) 433(G) 440(G) 443(G) 446(VG+) 468(F)

1972 Topps- 2(ExMt) 3(VG+) 10(VG) 12(VG) 13(VG) 20(Ex+) 25(G/VG) 29(VG+) 30(G) 32(VG/Ex) 35(VG+) 39(VG) 42(VG) 46(VG) 47Ex+) 54(Ex+) 55(VG/Ex) 56(VG) 57(VG/Ex) 60(Ex+) 62(G) 63(G+) 64(VG+) 68(Ex) 73(VG) 75(G) 76(VG) 77(VG) 78(ExMt) 81(G) 83(VG/Ex) 88(G) 89(Ex) 97(F) 103(G) 109(VG) 113(VG) 116(VG+) 119(VG/Ex) 124(VG+) 126(Ex) 128(VG) 189(Ex) 202(VG) 209(ExMt) 212(VG+) 266(VG) 288(VG/Ex) 392(VG) 458(G)

1973 Topps(cards are ExMt or better unless noted)-11(VG/Ex) 23(Ex) 28(VG+) 33(VG/Ex)o/c 43(VG) 46 49(VG+) 55(Ex+) 59(Ex+) 67(VG/Ex)Carlton/Ryan 85(VG/Ex) 93(Ex) 102(VG/Ex) 104(Ex) 105(VG) 106(VG+) 107(VG) 108(VG+) 111(VG) 112(Ex+) 116(VG+) 117(G/VG) 118(VG) 119(G/VG) 120(Ex+) 121(VG) 125(VG) 128 131(Ex) 141(G) 151(G) 161(Ex+) 166(Ex) 173(G/VG) 190(G/VG)Gibson 192(Ex) 203(VG/Ex) 208(VG/Ex) 211(VG+) 212(VG+) 217(VG+) 221(VG) 229 244(VG) 253(G/VG) 257(G) 267(Ex)o/c 271(G+) 290(VG) 298(G/VG) 306(VG/Ex) 310(VG/Ex) 322(VG+) 354(VG) 376 378(Ex+) 382 392(VG/Ex) 396(VG) 406 425(VG/Ex) 436 527(G)

1974 Topps(cards are Ex+ or better unless noted)-1(F)Aaron 3(G)Aaron 5(G)Aaron 6(VG)Aaron 7(VG)Hunter 9 17 26 37(VG+) 40(VG/Ex)Palmer 44 49(VG) 55(G/VG)Robinson 65(VG/Ex) 68(Ex) 70(VG) 73 77B(Ex) 78(VG/Ex) 81 85(G+)Morgan 93(Ex) 95(VG)Carlton 98(Ex) 106(VG) 110(VG) 114(G+) 125B 128(G) 132(VG) 136(G/VG) 137(marked) 138(VG/Ex) 143(Ex)o/c 151(G/VG) 152(VG/Ex) 162(Ex) 164(VG/Ex) 168(VG) 169(VG) 186 191(VG)o/c 204(G+) 208(VG) 211(G/VG) 213(VG) 219(VG) 225(VG/Ex) 239(G) 240(VG) 246(Ex) 257(VG) 266(VG) 268 269(VG) 306(ExMt) 309(G/VG) 309B(VG/Ex) 310(VG) 318 320(VG) 321(VG/Ex) 327(VG+) 335(VG) 337(VG) 348(VG) 356(VG+) 358(G+) 361(VG/Ex) 367(VG/Ex) 369(VG) 375(VG) 376(VG/Ex) 379 381(Ex) 383(VG) 404 406(VG/Ex) 409(Ex) 416 421(G) 424(VG) 425(VG/Ex) 430 433(VG) 438 439(Ex) 443(G) 446(Ex) 448(G/VG) 466(G) 472(Ex) 476 479 483(VG) 497(VG) 499(VG) 508(Ex) 510(G) 521 523(VG/Ex) 531(G) 533(G+)o/c 543(VG) 549(G) 556(Ex) 561(VG) 565(VG) 579(VG) 615(Ex) 624(VG) 632(VG) 641(VG) 643(VG) 646(VG+)

1974 Topps Traded- 23T(VG/Ex) 42T(Ex) 43T(Ex) 59T(ExMt) 62T(VG/Ex) 73T(VG/Ex) 123T(VG/Ex) 139T(VG) 151T(Ex) 175T(VG) 186T(VG/Ex) 269T(G/VG) 313T(VG/Ex) 319T(VG) 348T(VG/Ex) 390T(VG/Ex)Pinella 454T(G/VG) 485T(VG) 496T(VG) 516T(Ex) 534(VG/Ex) 538T(ExMt) 544T(VG/Ex) 579T(ExMt) 585T(Ex) 612T(VG/Ex) 616T(Ex) 648T(VG/Ex) 649T(VG)

1974 Topps Team checklists (unmarked)- Cubs(G/VG) Expos(VG/Ex)

1974 Topps Team checklists (marked)- Cubs Orioles Royals Tigers

1975 Topps- 8(ExMt) 9(G) 10(VG) 11(Ex) 17(Ex+) 18(G) 22(G) 25(G/VG) 27(VG) 32(G/VG) 33(Ex+) 34(VG) 36(VG) 37(VG) 39(VG/Ex) 40(VG/Ex) 46(G+) 48(G) 54(VG/Ex) 56(G) 62(Ex) 64(VG) 72(G)marked 73(G) 75(ExMt) 79(VG/Ex) 82(VG) 86(Ex) 96(Ex) 99(VG) 101(marked) 102(VG) 104(G) 108(G) 109(VG) 111(G) 112(G) 113(VG) 115(Ex) 117(G)marked 118(Ex) 121(G) 124(Ex) 132(VG) 135(G/VG) 137(Ex) 139(VG) 141(G) 143(ExMt) 145(VG/Ex) 146(G) 147(VG) 149(VG) 151(Ex) 152(VG) 153(G/VG) 155(VG) 156(ExMt) 159(VG/Ex) 162(G) 163(G) 172(G) 175(G) 178(VG) 179(G/VG) 184(VG/Ex) 186(VG/Ex) 187(G) 213(ExMt+) 216(marked) 218(G) 219(VG/Ex) 221(G) 222(G) 227(G) 232(G) 234(VG) 235(G/VG) 236(G)marked 240(VG) 241(F) 246(marked) 248(G) 254(Ex) 255(ExMt+) 256(Ex)o/c 257(G) 262(VG/Ex) 263(F) 264(G) 267(VG) 272(VG) 274(G/VG) 276(marked) 277(G) 282(G) 285((Ex+) 286(G) 287(VG/Ex) 292(VG) 296(F) 297(VG) 298(F) 304(marked) 315(VG) 316(VG) 317(G/VG) 318(VG) 325(VG) 326(VG) 327(Ex+) 328(G) 337(VG) 338(VG) 342(Ex) 345(VG) 346(VG) 348(G/VG) 349(VG/Ex) 350(G) 354(Ex)o/c 355(VG) 356(G+) 361(marked) 365((ExMt) 366(VG) 367(VG/Ex) 369(G) 371(F) 372(G) 374(G) 376(G) 378(VG/Ex) 384(G) 388(VG) 391(VG/Ex) 392(VG) 394(VG) 396(G/VG) 398(G) 400(VG/Ex) 402(ExMt) 403(Ex+) 406(G) 407(G) 408(Ex) 412(VG/Ex) 415(VG) 418(ExMt) 424(G) 428(VG) 430(VG) 436(G) 441(VG) 443(marked) 448(G) 450(Ex)McCovey 452(Ex) 455(VG/Ex) 456(VG/Ex) 467(G) 482(G) 485(G+) 488(G+) 498(VG) 504(G+) 509(VG) 511(marked) 512(VG) 522(VG) 525((VG/Ex) 531(marked) 533(VG/Ex) 544(VG) 554(Ex+) 558(VG) 571(G) 575(G) 577(VG) 592(VG) 604(G) 618(VG) 628(VG/Ex) 638(G+)marked 646(marked) 648(VG) 653(VG/Ex) 656(G) 657(VG) 659(VG)

1975 Topps Mini's- 12(G) 38(VG) 77(G) 127(VG) 131(VG) 143(ExMt) 157(F) 175(VG/Ex) 178(G) 182(F) 184(Ex) 188(Ex+) 215(VG/Ex) 221(F) 229(Ex+) 249(VG/Ex) 253(VG) 291(Ex) 314(VG/Ex) 389(Ex+) 428(VG) 464(VG/Ex) 483(G) 575(ExMt+) 577(G) 588(VG) 643(G)mark o/b 659(G)mark o/b

1975 SSPC- 549(Ex+)

1976 Hostess- 64(Fisk) 103 105 114(Brett) 113 118 119 124(McCovey) 125 126

1976 Topps- 16(G) 34(VG/Ex) 40(Ex) 41(Ex) 60(VG/Ex) 65(Ex) 69(Ex) 80(Ex+) 107(Ex) 111(VG/Ex) 131(ExMt) 135(VG/Ex) 136(VG/Ex) 173(Ex) 176(VG) 184(Ex) 186(VG) 198(VG/Ex) 208(VG/Ex) 222(VG/Ex) 227(Ex) 229(VG) 245(VG/Ex) 255(Ex) 267(Ex) 272(Ex) 275(VG/Ex) 282(VG) 284(VG) 301(Ex) 305(VG) 309(Ex) 310(VG/Ex) 314(Ex) 322(Ex) 338(VG/Ex) 355(Ex)Carlton 358(VG/Ex) 362(VG/Ex) 379(Ex) 389(VG/Ex) 394(VG/Ex) 397(VG) 401(ExMt) 408(Ex) 426(VG/Ex) 434(ExMt) 436(ExMt) 437(ExMt+) 446(ExMt+) 448(Ex) 460(VG/Ex) 493(ExMt) 494(Ex) 512(Ex) 525(Ex) 533(VG/Ex) 535(Ex) 539(VG/Ex) 552(VG/Ex) 558(G/VG) 567(VG/Ex) 568(Ex+) 573(Ex) 582(Ex) 626(VG) 627(Ex+) 633(Ex+) 639(VG/Ex) 644(ExMt+) 83T(Ex) 120T(VG)o/c 208T(Ex) 383T(VG) 385T(VG/Ex) 497T(Ex) 524T(Ex) 632T(G/VG)
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I have a 1961 #153 in VG+ condition. If you are interested in a PWE deal, would be interested in 1971 Topps #186 & 227. Thanks.
Thanks for taking a look at my thread. I traded #186 recently and haven't updated yet. Sorry.

No worries. I have a ton of vintage needs. Would be interested in:

1971 - 227 737
1972 - 2 78
1973 - 110 406

The 71 #227 is the one I am most interested in - fill in the deal with whatever works. Thanks.
How does this sound:

1971 - 227 Ex+
1973 - 110 ExMt
No worries. I have a ton of vintage needs. Would be interested in:

1971 - 227 737
1972 - 2 78
1973 - 110 406

The 71 #227 is the one I am most interested in - fill in the deal with whatever works. Thanks.
Hey - could use these:
1971 Topps- 48(VG) 102(VG) 376(VG/Ex) 517(VG) 737(VG/Ex)
Will look tonight for you (or you can check my site - all my vintage is on there)
Hi Rich--
Thanks for the reply to my thread. I figure that what you want from me has a condition adj. bv of $6.60. Here is what I found from your traders that I can use:

5 Aaron/Santo/McCovey LL Leader vg-ex 3.20 8.00
138 Ruben Amaro Yankees vg 0.40 2.00
323 Deron Johnson Braves ex 2.40 4.00
467 Dick Howser Yankees vg 2.00 10.00 crease

That totals $8. Is there anything else from my list that you could use to make up the $1.40 difference? If not, I will try to find something different. Thanks.........Derek

Hey - could use these:
1971 Topps- 48(VG) 102(VG) 376(VG/Ex) 517(VG) 737(VG/Ex)
Will look tonight for you (or you can check my site - all my vintage is on there)
Hey - the Howser can't be VG with a crease in it - so I'm good with the trade if you are. You OK with a legal PWE ?
I have these 74's you need:

103 Ex+ From your Upgraded Needs

2nd ****** Set (most would be VG+ at a minimum)

I have a lot of 74 needs so I'm sure we can make it happen. I do not have Beckett so if you could propose something to get us close I will be good with it.

Thanks - Brad