1970's/Early 1980's Starter Sets for Sale - CHEAP! Good Deals!

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I found the below starter sets when cleaning out another closet of my dad's, so figured I'd try to sell them and make some money for my mom. The cards look beautiful, just like they came out of the vending/wax packs from these years. No key cards are included, but I did see a lot of other RC aDefinitely grade them NrMt (a few might have slipped by lesser grade - was just flipping through them quickly and counted then but took a sample to "grade" them.). See prices and shipping costs below:

1982 Donruss, 600 different of 660, $6.00
1982 Fleer, 577 different of 660, $6.00

And these football:
1980 Topps, 328 different of 528, $15.00

1978 Topps, 680 different of 726, $30.00 SOLD
1979 Topps, 637 different of 726, $30.00 SOLD
1980 Topps, 640 different of 726, $10.00 SOLD
1981 Topps, 662 different of 726, $10.00 SOLD
1982 Topps, 706 different of 792, $12.00 SOLD
1982 Topps, 470+ different our of 528, $15.00 (includes LT rookie card, but appears slightly o/c) SOLD

Shipping costs:
I can probably fit 500 or so cards in a flat rate bubble mailer for $6.80. The most I have ever tried to fit was 500 - but I may be able to get crafty and fit any one of the above lots in a bubble mailer safely.

Anything more would need to be sent Medium Flat Rate for $13.45 or Large Flat Rate for $18.75 depending on how many cards.

Thanks for looking!

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How many can u get in a med. box.

I will take the 82 Topps baseball and the 78 Topps baseball lot if u can get them in a med. If u can get more I will take the 82 Topps Football lot. Not sure how many u can get in a med. box.


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I am interested in the following sets:
1979 Topps, 637 different of 726, $30.00
1980 Topps, 640 different of 726, $10.00
1981 Topps, 662 different of 726, $10.00