1982 Topps Blackless Ozzie Smith and others...

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Wow. $78 for a Mickey Hatcher card. Who'da thunk it.

I honestly had never heard of this error before (or, if I did, forgot about it.) If I saw these sitting in a box at a garage sale I would've not even noticed the missing signature and would have just thought they were commons, thus missing out on a small fortune. Interesting.
Hey, noticed the Garvey in that bunch................So they are missing the facsimile autograph and border around the image on the front, right? Crazy, I've probably passed on a few myself over the years................Must've forgotten about them too..............

I paid about the starting price he wants for the Ozzie for mine last year so he isn't far off in price (at least for the Ozzie)
It annoys me that they added it to the Beckett OPG. So much so that I'll probably never forget about the old 1982 Topps Blackless set. :mad:

It just doesn't make sense, they don't have other printing errors like this in the OPG, like all those wacky Topps blank back/front from 1987, and wrongbacks, etc etc. Why add the Topps Blackless? It's stupid. :D
I got my Garvey for $35. I passed on numerous higher priced cards before landing one for "my" price.

If you are crazy enough to try to build a set of them, I suppose you might consider paying top $ for dirt commons if they never come around. The stars are what sell the most I suppose.
Of course, that BV is an absolute JOKE! You will not likely find Ryan for $50, let along double that!

I don't remember the BV for Garvey, but it is one of those cards you just hope to find, let along worry about getting for a fair % ABOVE book!
According to Beckett OPG -
90 Nolan Ryan $25.00 $50.00

So I can get Ozzie Smith for $40 les than Sam Mejias? Or a reggie Jackson for only $20 more than Mejias.:rolleyes:

Some cards are harder to find than others. The 'B' and 'c' sheet cards are tougher than the 'A' series, and some cards in the B and C sheets just never seem to turn up for whatever reason. I know a guy I used to help out who has been trying to complete that set since he found out about it in the later 80's. He was about 6 cards short last time I talked to him.
Looking over these, somehow the design looks SO much nicer without the black and the signatures. What's with Topps' obsession with putting thin black borders around everything anyway?