1984 & 1985 TOPPS RUB DOWNS

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Dec 1, 2002
new jersey
Came across a small box of these Topps Rub Downs from '84 and '85. I always thought these were a unique oddball and hung on to them in my move last year. Spent some time putting together checklists and determined that I was missing 3. They are:

1984 (this sheet of those 4 players appear in both years)
Moose Haas / Bruce Sutter / Dickie Thon / Andre Thornton *

Bill Buckner /Tim Raines / Ryne Sandberg / Mike Schmidt
Mark Langston / Ben Oglivie / Darrell Porter

* = incoming

I have some extra Rub Downs for trade or if interested in something from my tradelist. I would appreciate any trade proposals.

thank you - brcdad
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I have the 1984 version of the Moose Haas / Bruce Sutter / Dickie Thon / Andre Thornton available to send if you want to post it as free.