1985 California Angels Team Signed Ball......


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Well I picked up this signed baseball the guy said it was given to him by Bert Jones (Ex Rams QB) son who used to live next to Doug DeCinces, said he was told it was a 1982 California Angels Team Signed ball but after further investigation I believe it is a 1985 team signed ball based on the player roster, it has some great Autos including Jimmie Reese and Rod Carew. The ball was obviously displayed in sunlight as the signatures on the sweet spot are severely faded but I am pretty sure its Reggie Jackson you can look at the pictures and tell me if I am just wishful thinking. Still a great ball though for less then $30, pictures are below the list of Autos.

Here are some of the autos I could make out:
Bobby Grich
Gary Pettis
Stew Cliburn
Ruppert Jones
Bob Boone
Doug DeCinces
Doug Corbett
Rufino Linares
Dave Smith
Geoff Zahn
Ron Romanick
Kirk McCaskill
Rod Carew
Al Holland
Don Moore
Jimmie Reese
Rob WIlfong
Jerry Narron
Brian Downing

Pictures of the ball:

Not sure on the Bottom Auto who it is:

Jimmie Reese auto:

Brian Downing Auto faded but still readable:

Rod Carew Auto one of the better ones:

Gary Pettis, Jerry Narron, Bob Boone, Doug Corbett:

Ruppert Jones, Stew Cliburn, Doug DeCinces:

Bobby Knoop (Coach):

Bobby Grich and Bob Clear (Bull Pen Coach):

I believe Reggie Jackson and Gene Mauch (Manager) Autos barely make them out:

Marcel Lachmann (Coach), Kirk McCaskill, Al Holland and Don Moore:
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Team signed balls are so cool...my dad has a 2008 Yankees team signed ball tucked away in a safe hidden from the sun (and son! haha). I have always loved how team signed balls look with all the autos scrunched on the ball and them overlapping etc. Again very nice find for a great price! Take care!
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