1987 Donruss for TTM/IP autographing

Ellis Shoe

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Hey guys, I just bought a pretty large lot of 87 Donruss. I am keeping all the Braves personally, but I was wondering if anyone else was looking for any of these for sending TTM or doing IP stuff. If only looking for a card or two, they will be free with a SASE. If not, I would be looking for Braves commons or something along that line. Also looking for cards to get signed of incoming coaches in the southern league too. Only ones I know are coming for the 2011 season so far that I need are:

Rocket Wheeler
Garey Ingram
Jim Pankovits
Lance Painter
Andy Barkett

Thanks, and just let me know.


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I am interested in any and all Mets cards. Shoot me a PM with what you have and I can send along an equal amount of Braves cards and some cards of SL coaches. Thanks.