1988 Buffalo Police Football Cards


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I bought a card collection from a guy in Buffalo in 1989 which included some Regional Football cards that I don't know too much about. They say 'Courtesy of Erie and Niagara County Sheriff's Departments' & a few other local businesses on the back. They are oversized and have color pictures of Buffalo Bills players on the front with a summary of their football career & career statistics on back. Apparently it is a complete set and I'm selling the set for $10 including postage in a PWE protected. I also have singles of each player. Scans are available if you give me your email. Thanks. gordellis47@gmail.com The players are:

1. Steve Tasker
2. Cornelius Bennet
3. Shane Conlan
4. Mark Kelso
5. Will Wolford
6. Chris Burkett
7. Kent Hull
8. Art Still
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