1991-1998 becketts for trade

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1991-1998 becketts for trade

I have baseball beckett's from the years 1991-1993. All are in great condition.I will trade each one for a jersey card. When trading, there is a catch.. The jersey card has to be one from the "team" on the cover of the beckett. Just something fun to do. EXAMPLE.. January 1991 cover is Cecil Fielder of the Detroit Tigers. I will trade it for any Detroit Tigers gu. (doesn't have to be Fielder but any Tiger) And so on. Let me know if anyone is interested in any. Thanks and happy trading..


January- Cecil Fielder (tigers)
February-George Brett (royals)
March- Ken Griffey Jr. (mariners)
April- Rickey Henderson (A's)
May- Cal Ripken (orioles)
June- Joe DiMaggio/Mickey Mantle (yankees)
July- Roger Clemens (red sox)
August- Fred McGriff/Tony Gwynn (padres)
Sept- David Justice (braves)
Oct- Frank Thomas (white sox)
Nov- Bo Jackson (white sox)
Dec- Cecil Fielder (tigers)


February- Ozzie Smith (cardinals)
March- Cal Ripken (orioles)
April- Frank Thomas (white sox)
May- Steve Avery (braves)
June- Kirby Puckett (twins)
July- Deion Sanders (braves)
Aug- Mark McGwire (A's)
Sept- Robin Yount (brewers)
Oct- Gary Sheffield (padres)
Nov- Tom Glavine (braves)
Dec- Juan Gonzalez (rangers)


January- Frank Thomas (white sox)
February- Ken Griffey Jr (mariners)
March- Mike Mussina (orioles)
April- Roberto Alomar (blue jays)
May- Greg Maddux (cubs)
June- Jim Abbott (yankees)
July- Jackie Robinson (dodgers)
Aug- Alomar/Carter/Olerud (blue jays)
Sept- Darren Daulton (philles)
Oct- Barry Bonds (giants)
Nov- Fred McGriff (braves)
Dec- Mike Piazza (dodgers)


January- Frank Thomas (white sox)
May- Cliff Floyd (expos)
June- Ken Griffey Jr. (mariners)
July- Manny Ramirez (indians)
Oct- Matt Williams (giants)
Nov- Frank Thomas/Ken Griffey (white sox or mariners)
Dec- Raul Mondesi (dodgers)


February- Babe Ruth (yankees)
March- Greg Maddux (braves)
May- Tony Gwynn (padres)
Aug- Frank Thomas (white sox)
Sept- Cal Ripken (orioles)
Oct- Mickey Mantle (yankees)
Nov- Hideo Nomo (dodgers)
Dec- Greg Madduxx (braves)


January- Braves vs Indians collage (braves or indians)
February- Mo Vaughn (red sox)
March- Stan Musial/Ted Williams (cardinals or red sox)
April- Barry Larkin (reds)
June- Chipper Jones (braves)


February- Andruw Jones (braves)
March- Ken Caminiti (padres)
April- Roger Clemens (blue jays)
May- Chipper Jones (braves)
July- Kenny Lofton (braves)
Sept- Tony Gwynn (padres)
Oct- Tino Martinez (yankees)
Nov- Nomar Garciaparra (red sox)
Dec- Roger Clemens (blue jays)