1992 through 1994 Fleer and Ultra insert wantlists

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Nov 30, 2002
New Jersey
I've been trying to finish off all of these "master sets" and I've gotten pretty close to most of these insert sets... let me know if you can help me finish any of these off:

1992 Fleer Rookie Sensations
#12 Ivan Rodriguez

1992 Ultra Award Winners
#21 Cal Ripken, Jr. (need reversed negative version)

1993 Fleer Rookie Sensations
Series 1
#8 Derrick May
#6 Eric Karros
#4 Roberto Hernandez
#2 Cal Eldred
Series 2
#9 Tim Wakefield
#8 Arthur Rhodes
#7 Sam Militello
#6 Scott Livingstone
#5 Gary DiSarcina
#4 Chad Curtis
#3 Jim Austin
#1 Moises Alou

1993 Fleer Ultra All-Stars
#14 Cal Ripken, Jr.

1994 Fleer All-Rookie Team
Need all 9

1994 Fleer Golden Moments
#6 George Brett
#7 Nolan Ryan

1994 Fleer Smoke 'n Heat
#1 Roger Clemens
#4 Pete Harnisch
#7 Greg Maddux
#8 Mike Mussina
#10 Nolan Ryan

1994 Fleer Ultra Home Run Kings
have 3 of 12 - let me know what you have

1994 Fleer Ultra On-Base Leaders
have 2 of 12 - let me know what you have

1994 Fleer Ultra Phillies Finest (Mail-ins only)
#M3 Darren Daulton
#M4 John Kruk

1994 Fleer Ultra RBI Kings
#1 Albert Belle
#3 Joe Carter
#7 Barry Bonds
#10 Mike Piazza

1994 Fleer Ultra Rising Stars
#2 Jeff Bagwell
#5 Travis Fryman
#8 John Olerud
#9 Mike Piazza
#12 Aaron Sele

I will definitely trade in your favor to finish off one or more of these sets. Feel free to view my complete online wantlists and tradelists in my signature.

Let me know what we can work out, thanks!
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Definitely let me know... out of a box full of inserts I'm sure I can use some of them... if you want take a look at my full wantlists in my sig or if you can put up a list, let me know.



I have these:

2009 Topps Updates & Highlights Propoganda #PP27 Tim Lincecum
2010 Topps Peak Performance #PP-2 Tim Lincecum
2010 Topps Ticket to Topps Town #TTT10 Tim Lincecum

Let me know what we can work out, thanks!

I might need these:

1993 Score Select LL 88 Greg Maddux - is that Stat Leaders?
1993 Studio Superstar on Canvas 1 Ken Griffey Jr $6.00
1993 Studio Superstar on Canvas 10 Barry Bonds $10.00
1993 Studio Superstars on Canvas 2 Jose Canseco $4.00
1993 Studio Superstars on Canvas 6 Frank Thomas $2.50
1993 UD Season Highlight HI2 Steve Avery $1.50
1993 UD Season Highlights HI10 Rickey Henderson
1994 Flair Hot Numbers 9 Ryne Sandberg $12.00
1994 Leaf Slideshow 9 Ken Griffey Jr $8.00
1994 Pinnacle Tribute TR13 Cal Ripken $12.00
1994 Topps Black Gold 41 Mike Piazza $2.00
1994 Triple Play Bombsquad 8 Ken Griffey Jr
1994 Triple Play Medalists 11 Ken Griffey Jr
1995 Donruss Dominators 2 Mike Piazza $3.00
1995 Donruss Dominators 6 Cal Ripken $6.00
1995 Donruss Dominators 8 Ken Griffey Jr $4.00
1995 Donruss Dominators 9 Kirby Puckett $2.50
1995 Donruss Long Ball Leaders 3 Ken Griffey Jr $4.00
1995 Flair Outfield Power 7 Ken Griffey Jr
1995 Leaf Slideshow 1B Raul Mondesi
1995 Ultra Award Winner 6 Ken Griffey Jr $2.00
1995 Ultra Award Winner 15 Barry Bonds $3.00
1995 Ultra Home Run Kings 8 Barry Bonds $8.00
1995 Ultra HR King 2 Frank Thomas
1995 Ultra HR King 4 Jose Canseco

I'll have to double-check some to make sure, but let me know what you're looking for in return, thanks!
According to my tradelist, I should have this one:

1992 Fleer Rookie Sensations #17 Ray Lankford

Will check when I get home on Sunday - I *think* I know where it is.