1994 UD soccer cards

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Mar 28, 2010
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don't exactly know if this is the right forum.....but I came across a stack of 1994 UD soccer cards.87 cards with some dups...I know nothing about them,but they look to be in nm shape...There are base and inserts.If anyone is interested,plmk,and I can go into more detail
without checking the guides/checklists , i forget which year they are (93 , 94 , or 95) , but by any chance do you have any of the captain's choice inserts (i may be off on this name as well but i believe the set featured joe montana , reggie jackson , and either michael jordan or wayne gretzky)....

edit to add :

ok - just looked them up....the set was from 1993 , was called HONORARY capatains , and featured all 4 of the players i named.....beckett never has priced them , and i haven't checked any ebay transactions to get an idea on current value , but i'm definitely interested if you have them....
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no Captain's choice cards like that...all the cards are of soccer players.I can go into more detail on them if you want me too this evening.