1996 fleer metal Kevin Garnett RC ft

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Dec 30, 2007
Norwich, NY
Nm-mt condition. Just looking for hits from my baseball wantlist found on my blog her on the bench.

Hope we can trade.

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I must be in some alternate universe as Jaybo has posted a topic in the BASKETBALL room. Maybe it is a different Jaybo from the same town who is a Red Sox fan They say everyone has a twin but this is something else.

Jay (or whomever controls his account) what is the number on the Garnett card The RC is a 1995-96 Metal #167 and the 1996-97 Metal is #224. I'll trade for the former because it is a RC and I need the latter for a set I am working on. Either way please set it aside for me and we'll work something out.

If it is the latter and you have any more of those 1996-97 Metal cards, I'll send you my want list for that set.