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As most of you know, those of you I've traded with before and may have read "My Story" on my trade site, I didn't collect cards 1986 thru 2009. Got back into it in 2009 trying to fill-in those sets of Mets I missed during that period. Every once in a while I come across a set I did not know about. Well, just found out that there was a parallel set of the 1996 METAL cards issued by Fleer/Skybox. They were called "Platinums". Picked up a couple but still need:

1996 Metal Platinum Parallel- 197 199 203 205

None of them book for more than $1.00. Please, if you don't mind, take a peek in your 1996 boxes and see if you have any of these. I really appreciate any help. Thanks.
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