1st Bowman f/t....

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Nov 5, 2010
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Santa Cruz, California
I have these 1st Bowman cards f/t:
1st BOWMANs f/t….

2021 BP-71Blaze Jordan -R.Sox

2020 BD57J.Walker -Cards + 91N.Swiney -Giants + 107Z.Veen -Rockies 119T.Soderstrom -A's + 122H.Kjerstad-Orioles + 129

2020 BP52B.Lora -Rangers

2020 Chrome BD121S.Torkelson -Tigers + 122H.Kjerstad-Orioles + 129C.Schmitt -Giants.

2019 BD31H.Bishop -Giants 57M.Busch -Dodgers

2019 Chrome BDC31H.Bishop + refractor

2019 Chrome BCP50J.Bart -Giants 82M.Luciano -Giants

2019 BP33J.Rodriguez -Mariners 50J.Bart -Giants 82M.Luciano -Giants

2018 Chrome BCP23J.Kendall -Dodgers 46C.Pache -Braves 47Ibandel Isabel -Dodgers 79K.Ruiz -Dodgers

2018 BD-171T.Casas -R.Sox

2016 BD33M.Krook + BD51J.Heyward -Giants 59J.Luzardo -Nats 71J.Alleman -Giants 120Ian Anderson -Braves

2016 FY 37C.Shaw + 90K.Crick + 113M.Marshall + 129P.Bickford + 170A.Suarez -Giants

2016 Chrome BDC18N.Solak -Yankees 51J.Heyward + 71J.Alleman -Giants

2016 yellow BP10V.Robles -Nats

2015 Chrome BCP141J.Brugman -A's 138 M.Yastrzemski -Giants

2015 BP61W.Adames -Rays silver ice 96S.Stretch -A's 103Raisel Iglesias -Reds 128V.Alcantara -Angels 148J.Garcia -Marlins

2014 BP5M.Appel -Astros 36D.Robertson 60D.Overton 79D.Granier -A’s 87F.Barreto -B.Jays

2014 Chrome BCP5M.Appel -Astros 6J.Urias -Dodgers 60D.Overton 61R.Healy 103C.Kohler -A's 82K.Flores -Giants

2014 Chrome Refractor BCP5 323/500 MARK APPEL -Astros ($8.)

2014 Chrome CDP27J.Sheffield -Indians 73B.Graves -A's

2012 BP86G.Cole -Pirates 89 Austin Hedges -Padres

2012 Chrome BCP102O.Taveras-Cards 117S.Dunston + green ref.-Cubs + 198B.Bundy green ref.-Orioles + 202N.Jones -W.Sox

2011 BDPP2C.Asche 44L.Moore -Phillies 35S.Gray black -A's 87K.Moen -Royals

2011 Chrome PURPLE #BDPP57 Kevin Matthews -Rangers

2011 Chrome BCP137R.Mendez -Rangers 140T.Morrison -Rays

2011 BP93B.Belt -Giants

2010 BP60N.Medchill -Yankees

2009 BCP3G.Veloz -Mets 28J.Farrell -Pirates 33E.Osuna -Braves 34C.Smith -Cards 52R.Tejada -Mets 54W.Bucardo-Giants 67J.McEachern -Rays 77S.Conner -Reds 81R.Garcia -Astros

2009 BP3G.Veloz -Mets 14S.Freeman 64J.Cawley -Cards 16E.Adrianza -Giants 75B.Oberholtzer -Braves 80T.Johnson -Mariners 86D.Phillips -Nats

2008 BDPP(chrome) 39C.Shunick -Reds

2008 CHROME BDPP -36 I.Galloway -Marlins

2008 BDPP104K.Pucetas -Giants

2008 BCP197D.Barney -Cubs 222F.Castillo -Rangers

2008 BCP31 K.Mura 544/599 -Cardinals

2007 BP19E.Lis -Twins 35S.Fuld -Cubs 94L.Daigle -O's

2007 BC16Y.Yema -R.Sox 18C.Garner -Rockies 33E.Maysonet 104E.Englebrook -Astros 35S.Fuld -Cubs 38K.Aselton -Twins 43B.Hansen -Phillies 65R.Aguilar -Angels 66J.Guzman -Mariners 77V.Butler -Pirates

2007 BDPP3C.Brown -A's

2006 B31 31R.Ohlendorf -Dbacks 79W.Ramirez -Tigers 106C.Guevara -Reds

2006 BC31R.Ohlendorf -Dbacks 37A.Wideman -B.Jays 103M.McLemore -Astros

2005 Bowman 274V.Rotino -Brewers

2005 BCP159M.Cabrera -Yankees

2005 Chrome FY #261 S.Bondurant Xfract. 223/225 RC -A’s

2005 Chrome FY #323 D.Thompson Xfract. 093/225 RC -Nat’ls

2004 Bowman Chrome 265 T.Frend -Royals
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