1st Dual Complete

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Aug 11, 2010
New York
I received the 2nd half of my 1st dual ever. I started with a 1969 topps Don Money/Larry Colton Rookie card. I 1st sent it to Don Money with a note saying I planned to also have it signed by Mr. Colton, Money signed it in black sharpie near his pic and now I have received the card back from Larry Colton, who signed in black pen near his pic. It's definately a risk to send your already autographed card to another player and thats probably the reason this was my 1st. My next dual will be a 89 fleer corsi/milacki rookie card, already signed by corsi, just waiting on milacki addy confirmation from my other post.
great job on the dual...colton is a pretty distinguished author now