1st January Contest for Clayton Kershaw auto!Winner is Katester44! Contest is closed!

David K.

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•Please notice the change to the Winners listing!! As more players are allowed back into the contests!

•Select a number from 1 to 75! Your bound to that number till the end of the contest!

  • Good morning everyone! We're back to the regular contests! Your playing for the 2015 Topps Tek Auto of Clayton Kershaw gold 40/50!

  • Must have at least 5 Bench points to enter and previous winners from my contests cannot enter: brj38464,LEONOFNJ, nquarry,Just-for-cards, Rburke02, who765, bigbov, Porkchops, Tdoran, Scobes, KCL520, cmcjr99, daktion, Roddster,dad3309, fatrat, Sgbt4, Champs387,
    Yankfancali,Yankees1, tglg, Jedimasters5555, spazmeister68, Trishlp, 2card, Loyaty32, AndyDrummond,Trapped212, Cardman2011, Cu70,blife, Jverlander35, jrchoholic83, dishnetman20, Benski3, Joshudavidson, Tim815, Robby, Jackson0114, ffman, GotMelky,Valediction, jers86, Thomas Tandy, Roach807,dan5, biggun61,GoBolts, FATDOGG333, dlackey, Jflan702, 89Giants,Meliah, apb966and0, r5-grnd-pndr, Thebradau, Rhubarb_Runner, criollos, Jaybo374, cdahlk2001, scc76, Mitchieho, Bowhunter3070, The Quarter Box, Jlackey40, Mike1943golf, Grapler135s, Jasket, bb3p, Zlw1, dadandsoncards, GreatAlbert, pfinder, Aug06, metsman1986, jwj20, phillie49er, chieftazmisty, jordanrulz, boivingp, bonomorretti, Bob Kuchta, gwynn_fan, Sandman43103, Jackatl, DanotoriousNIC, Stephj24, Mightydon, Jack, Travistrue.

  • If no winner contest will continue till next Saturday and Winner will be the closest to the winning number. If its a tie, I'll break the tie with a coin toss (four quarters and the one with the most heads wins).

  • Good luck to everyone! Best regards, David PS winner is added to the above list and the last one on it will be removed/and can enter the next contest!
The winner is Katester44! The winning number was 75!! Contest is closed!
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David K.

5.00 star(s)
I'll stick with #24 - Thanks.

27 for me. Thanks David!



28 for me.

Thanks David.

Hi, David. I'll try 56. Thanks and Happy New Year.

Thanks David. #5 please.

Let me try #19.

I'll go with 57

42 David, thanks!

Numbers selected: 5, 17, 19, 24, 27, 28, 33, 42, 56, 57