1st June Contest for Ken Griffey Jr. auto/gu! Winner is grapler135s! Contest is over!

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David K.

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  • Please notice the change to the Winners listing!! As more players are allowed back into the contests!

  • Select a number from 1 to 75! Your bound to that number till the end of the contest! Unless u pick someone elses number in error.Don't correct your post with the wrong number...just post a new one with the new number with explaination!

  • Good Evening everyone! You're playing for a 2008 Upperdeck Heroes light blue of Ken Griffey Jr. HOF auto/gu serial #22, 50 Gu is white with a red stripe! It's a beauty...if you only need one in your personal collection this is the one! MY personal opinon!

  • Must have at least 5 Bench points to enter and previous winners from my contests on this list cannot enter: jordanrulz, Rhuburb Runner, tom szczygiel, neemann, 558561, Tennelson55, Beachbum, cubsfan1313,Camsue, DaSoxFan, Katester44, brj38464,LEONOFNJ, nquarry,Just-for-cards, Rburke02, who765, bigbov, Porkchops, Tdoran, Scobes, KCL520, cmcjr99, daktion, Roddster,dad3309, fatrat, Sgbt4, Champs387,
    Yankfancali,Yankees1, tglg, Jedimasters5555, spazmeister68, Trishlp, 2card, Loyaty32, AndyDrummond,Trapped212, Cardman2011, Cublife, Jverlander35, jrchoholic83, dishnetman20, Benski3, Joshudavidson, Tim815, Robby, Jackson0114, ffman, GotMelky.

  • If no winner... contest will continue till next Sunday and Winner will be the closest to the winning number. If its a tie, I'll break the tie with a coin toss (four quarters and the one with the most heads wins.

  • Good luck to everyone! Best regards, David
  • Winner is grapler135s! Winning number was 56! Contest is closed!
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Not really a matter of "pleasing" anybody. It was too dark, on top of the dark background, to be read. I had to highlight over it to see what numbers were picked.
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