1st June contest for Mark McGwire auto 11/25! Winner is scc76! Contest is over!

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David K.

5.00 star(s)
  • You're playing for a 2021 Stadium Club Chrome Lone Star Signatures Mark McGwire A's auto 11/25!
  • One guess for the life of the contest from 1 to 99!
  • Must have 25 Bench points to enter this contest and cannot be a previous winners within the last 11 months: Ripahl, Jamott50, spcollector, DaSoxFan, crazyderik, klut18, roro17, champs387, darkman, ILLRIMESAYA, Bbonds25, dlackey, Fenway1112, Scobes, Katester44, mcgwirenut, reickholt, 06saints, chief wahoo, easy mike, nevermore, Journeyman, dragonslayer913, bostonsox77.
  • Good luck to everyone!
Not open for further replies.