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1st May Contest for Albert Pujols auto! Winner is FATDOG333! Contest is closed!

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David K.

5.00 star(s)
Previous winners are not allowed. Check the list of previous winners. As more winners are added I will be allowing winners back into the contests! I will not let u know that your off the list...that's your job. Previous winners will be on the list for about 17 months.

  • Pick a number from 1 to 75 for the contest. This is your number till the end of the contest! If u pick a duplicate number of someone's pick....don't edit your selection...just post another selection and indicate the reason why!

  • Good morning everyone! You're playing for 2012 leaf Albert Pujols auto 20/25!

  • Must have at least 15 Bench points to enter and previous winners from my contests on this list cannot enter :Kirbyfan34, Jwpjones22, DaSoxFan, Brendan1987, giants1249er, CubsFan1313, six43dpnc, cmcjr99, Mercedes, metsman1986, PRosefan1, dad3309, dred0gg024, Criollos, Katester44, Vistaviper, cardmonster, gwynn_fan, Mike, Anglinomics, Curteverhart330, Topaz77, Scc76, Camsue, Bradau, brj38464, who75, LEONOFNJ, XZYXZY, chief wahoo, cincikid, bfd13, mrhavrkamp,r5-grnd-pndr, rl16, reickholt, biggun61, BBonds25, Jack, rotorob

  • If no winner... contest will continue till next Sunday and Winner will be the closest to the winning number. If its a tie, I'll break the tie with a coin toss (four quarters and the one with the most heads wins)

  • Good luck to everyone! Best regards, David
  • Winner is FATDOG333! Winning number was 50 and FATDOG33 was the closest to it! Contest is over!
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