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2 2013 Topps Update hangers #TBT - Total BS Topps!


4.90 star(s)
I picked up the last two hangers at Meijer today at 40% the regular price ($6 instead of $10). I figured it was worth a shot with the rookies that were in the set, and boy was I right. However if you haven't guessed by now, I have no choice but to contact Topps about the results that have ensued from my purchase.

Box One:
better RCs - Cole, Zunino, Wheeler, Profar RD, Puig RD, Rendon, Gregorius, Fernandez RD, Myers RD, Gausman
Gold - David Wright HRD 0957/2013
Blue Border - K-Rod, Almonte RC, J Francisco, Elmore, Stammen
Emerald - R Soriano
71 Mini - Strasburg
Chasing History - O Smith
Making Their Mark - Marte
Postseason Heroes - R Jackson


Box Two:
better RCs - Wheeler, Zunino, Wood, Arcia, S Miller RD, Arenado, B Miller, Gattis RD, Gregorius

no inserts of any kind, NONE.... ZIP.... NADA

what the heck happened Topps, I've never had any issues quite like this before!


4.90 star(s)
Found some at Wal-Mart today, I left the hangers (for now anyways) and picked up the 4 value boxes that have 5 regular packs and 2 chrome packs in them for $6 each. The better stuff...

RCs: Wheeler x2, Zunino, Ryu RD, Cosart, Wheeler RD, Rendon RD, Profar RD x2, Arenado, Arcia x2
71 Mini's: Cano, Ryu, Miller, C. Gonzalez, Darvish, Ortiz
Emerald: Cespedes HRD, Posey AS, Morse
Chasing History: R. Jackson, Garciaparra, Williams, Wheeler
Franchise Forerunners: Myers/Longoria, Harvey/Wright x2
Making Their Mark: C. Martinez, Bradley Jr., Myers
Postseason Heroes: Freese, Ortiz, Wright

Chrome (highlights): Cano HRD, Cespedes HRD, Votto AS, Darvish AS, Harper HRD, Fielder HRD
Chrome RCs: Rendon, C. Martinez x2, Gausman x2, Cole, Ozuna x2, Gibson, Arenado, Miller RD, Yelich, Ryu RD
Postseason Heroes Chrome: Freese, Rivera, Halladay, Palmer

Oh yeah, there was also an All-Star Stitches chrome MIKE TROUT GAME USED WORKOUT JERSEY to top this all off! I got the Nomar SP from these the first time I bought these combo boxes, so I gotta keep getting these when they pop up I guess. :p