2 Additions to PC's! 11-7-09 Mailday TTM


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Bought this card off of eBay last night. Got a pretty good deal and am pretty happy with the purchase!

AND lastly, I had this arrive in my mailbox today :D :D

Akinori Iwamura, sent out this past August. I believe I tried him earlier on the season as well but got this one back anyways.

Well, glad to be able to post some success. I am hoping to receive some other sendouts back, too. I sent out 11 questionnaires over the past couple of days to Negro League baseball players. Their stories from playing days are so interesting. Also sent out to Jeff Kent and JR Towles, as I have seen both have success within the past couple of weeks.

Thanks for reading!


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Nice success and purchase! I too got my akinori back but it was yesterday =) Keep up the good work!

Hey i was wondering if you could pm me the addy for jr towles?