2 In 1 Star Wars Success, 09/17

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Apr 25, 2006
Received today from Star Wars artist, Matt Busch, SW Galaxy cards #'s 52, 55, 56 all signed and added his own signed 501st Legion(Honorary Member) card and a signed Official Pix Autograph card of Ken Tarleton(dressed partly as a Stormtrooper and Elvis, hence Elvis Trooper)from 2008 Star Wars Fan Days.Plus added a unsigned Volunteer/Exhibitor ad card from 2001 Alphacon that has the artwork Mr. Busch did for that event. I love TTM, especially Star Wars.
So far I have these signed SW items:
Kenny Baker(R2-D2) 8X10
Carrie Fisher(Princess Leia) signed card from Empire Strikes Back
Mark Hamill(Luke Skywalker) likely a autopen
James Earl Jones(voice of Darth Vader), signed multiple cards of SW
Matthew Wood(voice of General Grievous) signed few cards
John Sylla(did voiceovers in SW) signed SW cards
Doug Chiang(SW artist) signed cards
Mike Zeck(SW artist), signed card
Clive Revill(voice of the Emperor in Empire Strikes Back original release) cards
David Ankrum(Voice of Wedge) cards
John Dykstra(Special Effects) cards
Jason Wingreen(voice of Boba Fett), cards
Erik Bauerfeld(voices of Admiral Ackbar and Salacious Crumb), cards
Richard Chew(production team), cards
Ralph McQuarrie(SW art), cards
Timothy Truman(Artist), card
Alan Dean Foster(SW novels author), card
John Williams(SW music), index card
Frank Oz(Yoda), card
Tom Sylla(voiceovers in SW), cards
Kevin J. Anderson(SW author), cards
Terry McGovern(Voice work and Stormtrooper in SW), cards
Matt Busch(SW artist), cards
Boris Vallejo(SW artist),cards
Ken Tarleton(Elvis Trooper), card sent to me by Matt Busch).
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