2 in 4/8 - Spanky and another rascal

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Apr 3, 2007
Rowlett, TX
Received two set hits today...

Mike LaValliere c/o home, 92TP & 92UD signed in black, 28 days (I think; I showed one sent 2/1 and one 3/13, I'm thinking I never actually sent anything on 2/1)

Roger McDowell c/o Braves ST, 92TP signed in black, 26 days (again I sent back in August but based on the envelope I kinda assume it was this request that came back)

Thanks for the read
nice hits, i think those are two toughies...i rarely hear of mcdowell signing...
I heard jack mcdowell is hard to get, i never sent to roger
sweet pickups!!!
Another site shows him at 71% success but not much since early 08.

And about Jack McDowell - he is a pretty good signer from what I know, I had no problem getting him on a multi-card return.