2 in 6/12!!! and some IP from last night!!


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i will start with the returns first..
bob friend 3/3 c/o home 5 days...
jerry browne 3/3 c/o team 39 days...

and last night i went down to the colonials game and did pretty good this is what i got signed :D ...
rich gedman 4/4.. a 50/50 with metrotheme. it was kind of funny gedman remembered me and was cracking jokes that i only had 4 cards for him to sign this time..
daniel carte 6/6.. told him he could keep any he wanted.. but he said it was cool he had a stack of them at home so he signed them all for me :eek: :D ..
miguel flores 2/2.. very nice guy..
brian daubach 2/2.. he signed my game stub and the IC is for metrotheme..
courtney billingslea 1/1.. signed a IC for me.. if anyone can make a custom card of him for me i will be willing to do a 50/50.. he plays for the worester tornandoes..