2 in 7/23!! plus trade and some IP...


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well it was a awesome mailday today :D !!!
i will start with the returns first..
john hiller 1/1 c/o home 11 days.. plus a signed IC..
franklin stubbs 3/3 c/o team 11 days..

and i got this in from scobes from a trade. thanks the card is awesome :D !!!

and i won these from a awesome contest gwynn_fan had... these are some awesome adds to my red sox collection!!!

and this is some IP i did last night but i didnt get all my stuff signed but still happy with the out come..

and juan padilla signed my stubb..


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Not bad for one day!

I have a $150 BV Ted Williams GU #/20 if you'd like to work out something for it.


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great job!! if you go again for gedman, i'm sure i have a bunch if you wanted to 50/50....