2 in 7-23


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set hit:

Pete Ladd
c/o address in The Bench's TTM Addresses database

Von Hayes
c/o address in The Bench's TTM Addresses database
-I messed up and sent an extra card with the 84 Topps for my set because I saw that he would sign 2 for others. Well lucky me, he signed the other card but returned the 84 Topps unsigned....

Thanks for viewing and Happy Collecting!

(sending 6 out in the mail today!!)


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congrats... Is Von pretty automatic TTM? I have a team leader card I need to have him sign that is already signed by Juan Samuel and Glenn Wilson, just debating about sending it out. How long was the Hayes return?


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i sent hayes 2 cards near the start of the season and he signed both but i think over time he change to signing just 1 per.. congrats on the pick ups!!!