2 More in! Lots of Nice Vintage!


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First, I got Fred Valentine in yesterday. He signed 2/2 on 1961 Topps, included his own signed photo, and answered my questions as well.

And today brought Len Gabrielson. He signed a 1966 Topps, a 1966 Topps Cubs TC, a 1966 Topps checklist, and a 1967 Topps. I haven't really seen too many checklists signed, but I think it looks awesome! He personalized it like he did on the other two on the front and signed it on the back as well as checking his name. I sent a few more checklists out as well, so I should get some more back hopefully. PLMK what you think of the signed checklist.

Thanks for looking, PM me if you would like the addresses! :D :D