2 more rolling in...

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Aug 30, 2007
The Michigan Thumb
making it 3/40 I sent out exactly one week ago! I'm going at a good rate already eh?

Frank Castillo 3/3
Bobby Doerr 1/1

Yes, I sent to a few classics and I hope the 07 Topps Distinguished Service card turned out great like I imagined. Also, I sent to a handful of former Tigers like Frank, but got one Tigers card of him and also 2 Cubs cards.

The Frank Castillo Cubs cards will be available.
Great Successes! I'm sure you'll get more of the 40 you sent out back pretty soon. If not, you should check which players sign or not. I use Sportscollectors.net.. It's a great site for TTMing and it's $12 a year I think or $12 for a lifetime membership (I thought it was a year, but I've been on longer than a year and my membership hasn't expired, so I'm guessing it doesn't expire), either way, really cheap and well worth the postage you won't spend. :D :D
I have a free membership over there, and use it with a combination of the TTM database here and some other places. I expect at least 75% of this batch back.
Tigsfan, nice successes. Nice job getting Doerr as well. Always nice to add a HOF player to the PC