2 new ones this week including hof for my dads birthday project

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May 22, 2010
so as some of you know my dads birthday is in december and i am sending out to all of his favorite childhood players and guys who were his ido growing up so far i have about 6 successes but just got 2 new ones in including hof

seth joyner 2/2 '87 eagles
and i also got one of my dads favorites of all time hof..........
Jim Bunning 1/1 '64 phillies included iscription that reads hof96

well the only negative about these two is that i heard bunning rarely signs now so instead of sending him a 1970 topps and a 1965 topps i decided just to send him the '70 topps thinking i would be pretty much giving away a '64 and a '70 so i was willing to part with the '70 but now im thinking man i shouldve just sent him both

sorry for the long read guys and thanks for the look
congrats on bunning, i had heard he only signs for kentucky residents..good job