2 off-grade lots for sale.....a price cut and 2 more lots added...


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over the years i've accumulated quite a few damaged items either from ebay purchases or trades made on beckett or the bench.....i throw away the worst of them and usually sell the rest off in bulk to a few local collectors or on ebay in my scratch-and-dent store categories....now that i'm running out of time to find a new home and in desperate need of funds in a hurry , i don't really have time to get everything together for ebay so figured i'd try to get rid of some of them here...i'll be posting a scratch-and-dent sale in four different sports (baseball , basketball , football , and hockey) ......the type and degree of damage varies from card to card .....most of the damage is to either the edges or corners though some may have creases/surface wrinkles.....if you need specifics on a few cards let me know (but please , don't ask for a detailed description of every single card - just trying to move these in bulk and as-is to save some time)......cards will listed in lots with prices posted ....would like to move them in lots , but if anyone wants to build their own lots let me know which items interest you....also if anyone is interested in taking EVERYTHING , please feel free to let me know and i'll see what kind of bulk deal i can put together for you....

22-card random lot.....most of these have varying degrees of corner damage....
hi column bv = 39.75..... $ 7 dlvd

1991 leaf gold leaf rookies bc1 scott leius
1991 leaf gold leaf rookies bc3 wil cordero
1991 leaf gold leaf rookies bc6 arthur rhodes
1991 leaf gold leaf rookies bc20 andujar cedeno
1992 fleer all-stars 1 felix jose
1992 fleer rookie sensations 15 mark wohlers
1993 stadium club 1st day issue 185 trevor wilson
1993 stadium club 1st day issue 265 tim pugh
1993 stadium club 1st day issue 423 erik hanson
1994 collector's choice gold signature 41 rene arocha
1994 flair wave of the future 2 3 joey hamilton
1994 flair wave of the future 2 9 tony tarasco
1995 leaf gold leaf rookies 7 jose oliva
1996 fleer rookie sensations 7 brian hunter
1998 circa thunder fast track 8 neifi perez
2005 topps chrome update refractor uh152 billy sadler
2007 tristar autothentics bronze 9 chris carter 5/50
2008 bowman chrome prospects x-fractor bcp45 michael mckenry 243/275
2008 topps year in review yr39 francisco cordero
2010 topps tales of the game tog-11 1969 amazin mets
2010 upper deck portraits se-62 jack cust
2011 topps a&g 178 ben revere rc

23-card 2013 bowman platinum and 2014 bowman lot....most of these have some degree of surface scratches or light corner dings....
hi column bv = 30.55......$6 dlvd

2013 bowman rookie reprint blue sapphire refractor bdp138 ryan howard
2013 bowman platinum prospects bpp22 bubba starling
2013 bowman platinum prospects bpp25 anthony rendon
2013 bowman platinum prospects bpp51 alex meyer
2013 bowman platinum prospects bpp65 courtney hawkins
2013 bowman platinum prospects bpp74 lucas giolito
2013 bowman platinum prospects bpp83 je panik
2013 bowman platinum prospects bpp95 nick williams
2013 bowman platinum prospects bpp100 jonathan schoop
2013 bowman platinum chrome prospects purple refractors bpcp12 christian yelich
2013 bowman platinum chrome prospects purple refractors bpcp25 anthony rendon
2013 bowman platinum chrome prospects purple refractors bpcp53 lucas sims
2013 bowman platinum chrome prospects purple refractors bpcp84 jose berrios
2013 bowman platinum gold 12 evan gattis
2013 bowman platinum gold 50 rob brantly
2013 bowman platinum gold 68 johnny cueto
2013 bowman platinum gold 96 hyun-jin ryu
2013 bowman platinum sapphire 55 adrian beltre
2014 bowman 126 josh donaldson
2014 bowman jurickson profar
2014 bowman prospects purple bp80 austin wright
2014 bowman prospects purple bp91gabriel rosa
2014 bowman prospects purple bp105miguel alfredo gonzalez

new items added 12-29-14

6-card autograph lot .....most of these have chipping/edge nicks....one has a dinged corner and one has a surface indentation...
hi column bv = 54 ......$8 dlvd

2001 topps fusion autographs fa2 mike lamb
2007 topps 52 signatures 52s-tpc troy cate
2007 tristar elegance signature marks sm-cv chris volstad
2007 tristar prospects plus farm hands autographs fh-cl cory luebke
2009 upper deck ballpark collection 82 james mcdonald 224/500
2011 bowman draft prospect autographs bpa-aw alex wimmers

22-card random lot.....these have an assortment of condition issues including chipping , corner dings , surface issues , etc...the griffey rookie has a very bad top border (previous onwer stored it in a box not tall enough for 89 bowman so top border rolled over) ...
hi column bv = 38.75..... $ 7 dlvd

1989 bowman 220 ken griffey jr rc
1989 topps big 123 alan trammell
1989 topps big 189 mark grace
1991 pacific ryan texas express 4 nolan ryan singed by the mets
1993 fleer all-stars 5 felix jose
1994 pinnacle tribute tr18 lee smith
1995 pinnacle red hot rh4 jeff bagwell
1996 fleer checklist 8 frank thomas
1998 pinnacle plus piece of the game 9 nomar garciaparra
2000 topps 478c derek jeter 1998 world series
2007 sp authentic authentic speed as-3 alfonso soriano
2007 topps ted williams 406 tw4
2007 topps ted williams 406 tw13
2007 topps ted williams 406 tw17
2007 upper deck first edition momentum swing ms-as alfonso soriano
2008 upper deck starquest (common) sq-23 alfonso soriano
2010 topps peak performance 99-102 vladimir guerrero
2010 topps update us-191 danny valencia rc
2014 bowman prospects purple bp21 billy mckinney
2014 bowman prospects purple bp64 duane underwood

and finally , a single card....
hi column bv = 20........$5 dlvd

2011 topps commemorative patch tlmp-is ichiro suzuki (series 2 - mariners letter S logo) - has some edge nicks and light surface wear on the back
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one more pre-christmas bump.....

prices lowered ...

lot 1 reduced to just $6 dlvd and lot 2 now just $5 dlvd or take em both together for just $10 dlvd....


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after christmas price drop...lowest i can go on these so grab em now....

lot 1 now just 5 dlvd .... lot 2 reduced to 4 dlvd ....take em both for just 8.....

if they aren't gone this week , i'll either ADD cards and re-price them or list them in my ebay scratch-and-dent sale....

edit - 2 more lots and 1 more single card added to original post....if you take more than 1 lot , take .50 off each beyond the first.....take all 4 LOTS for just $20 or all 4 lots AND the icihro patch for $23.50.....
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2 more small off-grade lots from a bulk lot that arrived this week :

lot of 16 different 2011 topps update rookies ...
all these have one dinged corner due to they way they were packaged when shipped to me....

hi column bv = 16.70....
asking 4.00 dlvd

22 randall delgado
23 chance ruffin
30 dustin ackley
35 eduardo nunez
39 eduardo sanchez
103 josh collmenter
112 lonnie chisenhall
114 lance lynn
177 rene tosoni
180 daniel moskos
183 carlos peguero
184 tyler chatwood
186 j d martinez
194 jason kipnis
240 blake tekotte
247 zack cozart

from the same bulk lot , another 16-card random lot ...most of these also sustained a single dinged corner in transit....
hi column bv = 35.50
asking 7.00 dlvd...

2002 topps ring masters rm-3 marinao rivera
2010 topps target 24 john maine
2012 bowman chrome purple refractor 26 c c sabathia 62/199
2014 elite 81 billy hamilton
2014 topps chrome chrome connections die cuts cc-ab adrian beltre
2014 topps chrome chrome connections die cuts cc-am andrew mccutchen
2014 topps chrome chrome connections die cuts cc-ap albert pujols
2014 topps chrome chrome connections die cuts cc-fh felix hernandez
2014 topps chrome chrome connections die cuts cc-ik ian kinsler
2014 topps chrome chrome connections die cuts cc-tt troy tulowitzki
2014 topps chrome x-fractor 31 clay buchholz
2014 topps chrome x-fractor 45 alex cobb
2014 topps chrome x-fractor 54 carlos martinez (this one has a surface indentation on the back instead of the dinged corner)
2014 topps chrome x-fractor 81 kevin siegrist
2014 topps chrome x-fractor 133 onelki garcia
2014 topps chrome x-fractor 136 matt davidson

multi-lot discounts of .50 per extra lot still apply
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