2 successes and a failure

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Mar 23, 2004
Had 2 returns in today and a failure.

First off received my ball unsigned from Stan Musial. Saw people had been getting him back with 20 dollar checks to his foundation so had to give it a try. Kept the check but it has not been cashed so at least going to charity if he does.

Lerrin LeGrow returned both cards I sent signed. One was his rookie previously signed by Gene LaMont.

Will Clark signed an 8x10, personalized with 'Good Luck'. Definately one of my favorite successes recently.
Wow, Will Clark....awesome!!! :D I still need him for my Texas Rangers collection. Unfortunately I can't get him to sign a card TTM :(
I sent it c/o Giants about a month ago so you may try there. I believe he is some sort of assistant to the GM or something.