2 Time HOF'er in 12/12...

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Aug 15, 2007
Missoula, MT
Lenny Wilkens 1/1 - 24 Days - LOVE the inscriptions!

I sent about 30 TTM's the last month and they have been coming back 1 per day, this is great!!!


Thanks for looking, Jeremy
didn't realize he made it in as a player and a coach...not very many of those...looks great on that card with the white background...love sets like that.
I know I'm dating myself here, but I remember him as a player, as well. Awesome talent and a smart player. No surprise he was termendously successful as a coach, as well. Awesome success!
Nice! I really need to get a request out to Wilkins next month.

I had a 70s League Leader card with Tiny Archibald/Dave Bing/Lenny Wilkins. Got it signed by Archibald and sent it to Bing almost 2 years ago with a donation, but no luck getting it back. I was hoping for a triple signed HOF card.