2000 Topps Subway Token Derek Jeter What do you think it is really worth

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Oct 20, 2002
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I have a 2000 Topps Subway Series FanFare Tokens #SSR20 Derek Jeter

What do you think it is really worth if I was to sell it?
Some of the guides put it as high as $500.00 but I have not seen any of them offered in a long time.
Beckett puts a BV of $500. Not sure about a SV though. There are a couple on ebay, but no Jeters. Billy Martin and someone else, BIN of $69.99.
I paid $75 for my Tino Martinez token from that set. It all depends if an avid Jeter collector wants/needs it for his set. It would probably go for a pretty penny if you were to sell it considering I've seen 2 Tino Martinez, a Paul O'Neill, but never a Jeter.

Nice card!

It's a pretty cool card. Considering the token hasn't been used in the NYC subway since 2003 (phased out in favor of the debit-like MetroCard), it is a bit of a collector's item, even to the non-baseball fan. The particular style of token used for the Subway Series inserts was only in use until 1980.


As Jeter winds his way to 3000 hits and HOF induction, that card might become more desirable in time.
Autction I with a resevre on it. See what you get for it.
Since it is Jeter you might get more then BV.
seems to be worht $350.00 - $375.00 since that is the offers I have recieved for it.
seems to be worht $350.00 - $375.00 since that is the offers I have recieved for it.

Offers from members here on The Bench ?

If so I'd put it on ebay where you'll almost certainly get more. Not being dispariging in any way of the members here but if the limited visibility you get here gets an offer of $375 they'd of course be willing to bid that on ebay and your visibility goes up 1,000 fold and all you need is one or two of them who are willing to pay a premium for that card.
Wow can't believe you still have it! Even as a Yankees fan I would have unloaded that during the beginning of the playoffs.